Thursday, April 18, 2013

Street Style Trend: Boyfriend Jeans

I LOVE street style and have even built a business inspired by it. So I've decided to attempt to do a weekly post on trends seen on the streets and how to wear them.

Boyfriend jeans are one of my favorite street style trends. They are so relaxed, easy to wear but always brings a casual cool look to an outfit. 

On the Street:

Things to keep in mind when creating an outfit with bf jeans**:

Petite Women: -go for the less baggy fit because these jeans can make you look stumpy
                        -wear with heels: to add some length, it'll make you look more proportionate
                        -pair with clutch or small bag: for a more clean, effortless look; larger bags can make                                                  -                        you look like you have too much going on
Tops: -perfect with a relaxed tee or thin sweater
          -avoid oversized shirts or tuck them into the front

Shoes: strappy heeled sandals
           oxfords/flat sandals (avoid ballet flats)
           pointed toe shoes (round tip is unflattering with bf jeans)
           classic pumps
           strappy wedges

Jacket: Stick with jackets that do not go past your butt. A long trench is hard to pull off and can make your outfit look too masculine.

Jewelry: -Statement necklace: add it if you aren't wearing many layers
              -Watch                    : any watch will do
              - Arm Candy           : if you feel like your outfit is plain, throw on a bunch of arm candy. 
                                                When your arms are down, your wrist will be beside your jeans, easily  
                                                 complimenting them.

My Polyvore Outfit

City Chic

City Chic by easturban-1 featuring a rhinestone bracelet

Thanks for reading.

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