Wednesday, February 27, 2013


So about two weeks ago I went on a business trip to Florida. We had some spare time so we stopped by the mall. And I can not believe how amazing XX21 deals were!  The total i spent was under $150. These pieces are the perfect transition to spring!  I've always hated sifting through piles of random clothes, but this was surely worth it.

Here are the prices:

1) Pattern trousers          $19.80
2) Jewel Mint Skirt          $17.80
3) Leatherette Shorts     $ 6.00 (ish)
4) Shirt Dress                  $19.80
5) PJ Oxblood shirt        $6.00 (ish)
6) Sleeveless Blazer     $24.80
7) Maroon Trench          $12.99

1-3) wedge booties       $5.00
4) chunky mary jane     $5.49
5) moto boots                 $8.49

Going out with my besties tomorrow. Maybe I'll wear an outfit from this haul? Either way, I'll try and post the outfit.

Until then,
<3 Mel

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